Model Making Books

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Books about modelling with polymer clay and other materials. Learn how to create charming clay characters or miniatures for your dolls house.

Many of the books concentrate on creating models with polymer clay. They offer instructions for blending colours, conditioning the clay and for achieving detail with this versatile modelling medium.

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The choice of polymer clays available from the George Weil website include Fimo and Sculpey in a large choice of sizes and colours, they both offer a choice of doll making clays in natural skin tones. The Sculpey clays also include the superior Super Sculpey Firm Gray clay used by professional sculptors and the Sculpey Artist/Teachers Bulk Pack offers excellent value for large projects, classrooms and workshops.

Other modelling mediums include Makin’s ‘No Bake’ polymer clay, which is a smooth finish air dry clay, Art Clay Silver clays, clear and coloured resins, super hard Milliput Epoxy Putty, pulp fibres for paper casting, Modroc modelling bandage, and the air-dry clays from Newclay and DAS. The Model Making range of products also includes a large choice of model making tools and shape cutters, armatures and wires, dolls hair and silicone putty for making moulds and casts.

The books in this section will provide guidance for getting started with using many of these materials for use in model making and sculpting techniques, as well as providing project ideas and inspiration.

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