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Books about printing and print techniques. Explore block printing, screen printing, digital imagery and other print making techniques from this selection of books which provide instructions and inspiration.

Learn how to create printed fabrics for home furnishings, wall art and clothing, or create a limited run of your own artwork. You can choose from block printing (or relief printing) using lino cuts, wood blocks or stamps, or you can learn all about screen printing which offers countless exciting possibilities.

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There are different types of block printing inks available. Oil based inks have a longer open time which means they stay wet and workable on the inking plate for a longer length of time than the faster drying water based inks. These oil based inks are permanent once cured (allowed to dry fully) and need to be cleaned up using a solvent. Water based inks dry quickly allowing you to add further layers of print in a short time. The Speedball Fabric Printing inks also allows for relief printing on fabric; the colours become permanent and washable on the fabric when they are heat set with an iron.

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