Weaving Books

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Discover how to weave a length of cloth from this large selection of weaving books.

Many of the books include information about the types of loom available and how to set up the loom ready for weaving. They combine information about the parts of the loom plus explain terminology such as selvedge, warp, weft and Jacquard.

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The subjects covered include kumihimo braiding which is created on a marudai loom, band weaving and narrow wares woven on inkle looms. There are books about learning to weave on a rigid heddle loom through to books offering weave patterns for more complex looms such as the countermarch and counterbalance floor looms. A selection of the titles examine weaving techniques and traditions from other countries and through history.

Also included are a selection of books about tapestry weaving. Tapestry weaving is an expressive weaving technique often used to create wall hangings and home decorations.

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