Ashford Inklette Loom


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    Inkle bands, narrow wares, flat braids are all terms for the type of weaving that can be achieved on this neat little loom. Inkle weaving produces a warp-faced band in which the warp completely covers the weft. With a little practice it is possible to create complex patterning and imagery when altering the shed by manually raising or lowering the warp yarns.

    Weaving on the Ashford Inklette loom produces a strong and durable fabric, up to 5cm wide and 180cm in length, which can be used to make dog leads, guitar straps, bag handles, belts, trims for woven cloth and much more. These lengths of fabric can also be sewn together, along their length, to make cushion covers, upholstery fabric or holdalls.

    Ashford have recently redesigned this small inkle loom which now incorporates an adjustable tension peg that allows for 25cm (10in) warp adjustment. The tension peg keeps the warp under tension when weaving, and allows the weaving to be wound on when it is loosened.

    Find out more about the Ashford Inklette Loom (will open as a PDF).

    The Ashford Inklette loom can accomodate a warp length between 1m (39in) and 1.8m (70in) and has a weaving width of up to 50mm (2in). The loom includes a wooden inkle belt shuttle and a full colour step-by step Learn to Weave on the Inklette Loom booklet. Self assembly required. 

    Loom Dimensions: Height 185mm (7 1/4"), Width 115mm (4 1/2"), Length 375mm (14 3/4")