Caran d'Ache

Based around graphite, which is the key ingredient of pencils and can be found in the Swiss Alps, Caran d’Ache was established in Geneva in 1915. Nine years later, in the hands of its founder, it took the nom-de-plume of a famous illustrator, Caran d’Ache.

The business has grown over the years and is now best known for the coloured pencils which are available in almost every colour and every grade of finish. Caran d’Ache innovative spark is best illustrated by the water soluble pencils which they created. These allow the artist to first use drawing techniques and then develop their work into a water colour, painterly style of image.

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The range of Artist materials which carry the Caran d’Ache name is considerable. The quality of each product supports the artist in delivering a fine result. Indeed many will have first met the Caran d’Ache name in childhood with a special gift of the pencils and the message to “treat them with respect and they will do well for you”.

Alongside these are the fine drawing and writing instruments which show the same philosophy of excellence in material selection, the commitment to technical quality and thorough craftsmanship.

Every Caran d’Ache product is subject to the strictest quality controls, applied to the raw materials and their sources, as well as to the manufacturing processes used. This approach is an essential component of the Swiss Made quality label and the control system in place ensures compliance with the strictest criteria and standards.

The company’s range of colour pencils are systematically tested for their lightfastness and colour performance.

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