Derwent’s long established products are the colour pencil range, Artist. Originally the range covered 24 colours which expanded to 72 colours in 1939 to 120 in 1996. Holding on to tradition Derwent still produce two classic collections, the Studio and Watercolour pencils which are available in the 72 original colours. A full colour range of Pastel pencils were introduced in 1994 in 90 colours. Finally to complete the range they now manufacture ordinary soft stick pastels used for creating broad sweeps of colour.

Derwent Signature is a range of lightfast pencils, available in 60 colours. A new 72 colour ranges include Derwent Coloursoft and Derwent Inktense pencils. Derwent also produces a range of graphite pencils, Graphitone and Graphitint which are water-soluble colour pigment mixed with graphite. There are also Tinted Charcoal pencils for shading as well as special-purpose items such as the Aquatone range of 24 sticks of water soluble colour.

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Derwent also created a waterbrush, which holds water in the barrel of the pen, supplied to the fibre brush via a valve, giving a controlled flow of water to the brush.

The Cumberland Pencil Company’s reputation for quality products was greatly enhanced when Derwent pencils were used by Raymond Briggs to create the illustrations for the book ‘The Snowman’, which were later developed into the well-loved animated film.

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