Manutex RS (Sodium Alginate) - 250g


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    1. Manutex RS is a sodium alginate based thickener made from Kelp seaweed and used in both the textile and food industry. This thickener is recommended for general use as it is stable under mildly acidic or alkaline conditions. The thickener is also recommended for printing or painting wool or silk with Acid dyes under acidic conditions. RS has a low solid content and is used primarily for prints on thicker fabrics and on silk when fine definition is not required. Use 45g to 1 litre of cold water and add 10g Calgon

    Use Indalca PA3R as a thickener in strongly alkaline conditions such as for discharge printing or devore.

    2. Use Manutex RS to thicken the bath to carry the colour for fabric marbling.