GAV Glimakra

The Glimakra family of weaving looms are made in Mora, in central Sweden. The range is based around a well-engineered timber frame and the classic weaving set-up of either Counterbalance or Countermarch tie-up. The Glimakra name has a worldwide reputation for building quality weaving equipment.

The floor looms are well able to take the stresses of high tension warps for rug weaving or the delicate warps of lace weaving. As a result the Glimakra floor looms supports the weaver in the journey from weaving floorings, furnishing through apparel to transparencies. The configuration can begin with a four shaft counterbalance set up and, by adding extra equipment which is readily available, be developed to a 12 shaft countermarche loom with a second warp beam and a draw-loom attachment.

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Glimakra also make table looms with designs drawing on many years of experience to ensure they are well engineered, easily threaded up and with the operating parts readily to hand.

Glimakra AB was formed in 1998 from two Swedish companies; Gunnar Andersson Vavskedfabrik who, from their foundation in 1926 had made weaving equipment, beginning with tar-soaked cord bound reeds for hand weaving which continue to have a high reputation, building up to a full range of shuttles and winding equipment, and Glimakra who had made high quality looms from 1948 up to the merger. The area in which GAV Glimakra AB is located has been the centre of reed making for several centuries and the company remains a vital part of this tradition.

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