George Weil

George Weil supplies a range of synthetic and naturally occurring dyes as well as pigmented paints for colouring the fabrics, yarns and fibres used by textile artists and students. Each dye type may also need a mordant or assistant to improve its effectiveness in creating a wash and light fast colour. The fabric paints and printing inks use a pigment mixed in a binder which fixes to the fabric surface. The paints are available for setting with a household iron or air drying.

The George Weil & Sons Ltd dyes are developed with the natural dye and acid dye range specifically for use on wool, animal fibres, nylon and silk, along with a mordant. The Fibre Reactive Dyes, along with an assistant, are used as dyes for cotton and other plant fibres as well as on silk. Natural and synthetic indigo are supplied for use with many dyeing techniques including resist and Shibori patterning. For the experienced dyer George Weil supplies illuminating and dischargeable acid dyes which are combined with a discharge paste for printing multi-coloured patterned fabrics.

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George Weil transfer fabric paints are used to create a number of copies of original work onto cotton and synthetic fabrics in a range of attractive colours.

There are a wide range of pure silk fabrics and ready-made silk articles such as scarves, ties and cushion covers which can be painted or dyed using silk paints and gutta outliners. Silk painting has much in common with water colour paint techniques and rewards painterly skills to draw trhe best out of the materials for display or wear.

George Weil & Sons Ltd was founded in 1891 as a silk fabric merchant and has continued to specialise in supplying the highest quality materials. The range has been extended over the years to include the widest range of dye and paints for use on fabrics and fibres available in the UK.

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