Jacquard Class Pack (24) - Color Magnet


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    Jacquard Color Magnet Class Pack for 20-24

    Color Magnet™ is a dye attractant that magically attracts more dye where it is applied and works with most types of Jacquard dye. Customise garments or fabric with unique words, graphics or illustrations using the Color Magnet™ pen. Then dye the garments and watch the image appear magically darker where you've applied Color Magnet™. Ages 8+ (recommended for 20-24 participants - garments/fabric not included).

    The Color Magnet™ Class Pack includes:

    • 12 Color Magnet™ pens
    • 24 sets of stencils (5 sheets in each set)
    • 5 jars of Procion MX Dye (Lemon Yellow, Magenta, Turquoise, Jet Black, and Deep Purple)
    • 5 bags of Soda Ash (1/3 pound each)
    • 50 Gloves
    • Rubber Bands
    • Easy-to-follow instructions