Louet S10 Concept Spinning Wheel - Build Your Own


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Louet are celebrating their 45th Anniversary and will include a free Medium Louet Lisa Frame Loom with the purchase of a *complete Louet S10 Concept Wheel until the end of April 2020 - order your S10 wheel from George Weil to ensure you receive this free gift!

FREE delivery within 3-4 weeks of ordering to UK address

Build your own spinning wheel from the choice of Louet S10 Concept components! If your preferences change over time, you can buy each of the components separately to customise your wheel even further.

You will be able to change from single treadle to double treadle, or from Scotch Tension to Irish Tension by changing the Mother of all. So if you like to spin with Scotch Tension and ply with Irish Tension, you will only need to exchange the Mother of all with flyer and bobbin.

How to Build your S10 Concept Spinning Wheel

1. Add the Upright to your Shopping Cart (this is the starting block and you can’t build the wheel without it!).
2. Select either an Irish Tension or Scotch Tension Mother of all
3. Choose a wheel type - Classic, 3 Spoke, or 5 Spoke
4. Select either a Single Treadle or a Double Treadle

To make your wheel ready for spinning, you will also need a flyer and bobbins (see below in the "You may also like" section).

Don't worry if you find this too confusing, we're at the end of a phone 01483 565800 or you can email us sales@georgeweil.com if you need help in ordering. Alternatively, you may prefer to order a fully loaded S10 Concept Spinning wheel with either a Classic, 3 spoke or 5 spoke wheel.

PLEASE NOTE: these are the Louet S10 Concept Spinning Wheel components and they can not be interchanged with the original Louet S10 Spinning Wheel