Weaving Looms

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Louet offer a wide range of looms from the convenient Jane table loom which can be folded flat (with weaving in place) for easy storage and portability through to the large countermarch Megado floor.

There is the 24 shaft Magic Dobby loom which is available with programmable dobby bars, either computer operated or manually operated, and in a choice of two weaving widths 40cm and 70cm. The Louet Megado countermarch floor loom is also available with either a computerised or mechanical dobby, and offered with a choice of 16 or 32 shafts and in weaving widths 70cm, 110cm or 130cm. This robust floor loom provides the weaver with the ultimate tool for creating complex weaves.

The full range of Louet weaving looms and equipment are available from George Weil, please contact us with your enquiry 01483 565800.


Floor Weaving Looms

Megado/Delta Loom Bench


Floor Weaving Looms

Louet Octado Loom Bench

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