Colour Craft Silk Paper Medium - 65ml


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    Acrylic silk paper medium, 65ml. Dilute 1 part silk medium to 6 parts water to make silk paper (or silk fusion as it is also known) or decrease the amount of water for sculptural effects. Once dried the medium repels water and makes a crisp yet pliable paper. Great for use in papier mache techniques with pulp, fibres and paper

    Making the Silk Paper:

    1. Spread the fibres in 2-3 thin layers, perpendicular to each other, between two sheets of nylon mesh netting.
    2. Dampened thoroughly with a solution of Silk Paper Medium and work into the fibres with a sponge. Remove excess solution with a clean, dry sponge.
    3. Peel away the top sheet of netting or leave in place for a more textured paper.
    4. Put on a cake cooling tray to dry and then carefully peel off the back sheet of netting.