Titanium Dioxide / Titanium White - 500g


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    Titanium White is a widely used white pigment with excellent opacity and often referred to as the "whitest white" or the "perfect white". It is used in making paints, paper, ceramic glazes, cosmetics, sunblock, toothpaste, medicines and food. As a powder, it is an inert substance but possibly carcinogenic if inhaled. As with all pigments, it is recommended that a dust mask is worn when working with this product.

    Titanium dioxide is a strong white pigment which makes paper whiter and more opaque, acting as a filler, giving a smoother surface to paper, resulting in less pick. The filling effect is much stronger than with calcium carbonate, but it does not have the ability to neutralise paper acids. It is also used to tint coloured pulps. Use 5-10% to dry weight of fibre. Add to pulp and stir thoroughly.