Speedball Art

Hunt Corporation began business in 1899 making pens and they are still being produced. Following a buyout of the Speedball division in 1997 from Hunt Corporation the company, now called Speedball after its famous pens, is alive and healthy.

Speedball has developed two screen printing kits, the Diazo Fabric and the Paper Screen Printing Kit which includes all the essentials needed for the photo emulsion screen printing process which is one of the most exciting screen printing techniques. The kit allows for the printing of fine line drawings, produce lettering techniques, and create photographic half-tone positives on fabric.

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The Speedball screen printing inks are pre-mixed with a binder and include the four process colours, magenta, cyan, yellow and black as well as many valuable tints and shades as well as the more difficult colours to mix from these, such as shocking pink and purple. To complete the product group Speedball offer squeegees and screen hinges.

The Speedball lino cut inks, blocks and safety knives are made to prepare and print clear edged images. Speedball Art Products is now much more than pens. They produce a complete line of block printing and screen printing supplies, including Speedball Pigmented Acrylic Inks, as a part of their complete line of screen printing, lino printing and Speedy Stamp products and screen printing kits. The products have been fuelling the creativity and imagination of artists all over the world – from children to aspiring students to renowned artists. The products have been used by millions to make lasting impressions and give form to their inspirations.

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