Winsor & Newton

Winsor & Newton is a UK based company that manufactures fine art products from oil paints, alkyds based paints, and water colour paints, acrylics, pastels, to artists’ brushes, canvases, papers, portfolios.

Winsor & Newton oil colours include the traditional Artists’ Oil, Winton Oil for affordable quality and Griffin Fast Drying Oil Set. The Artisan range of water mixable oil paint has the look and feel of oil paint, The Winsor & Newton make paintbrushes for all media. There are hog brushes for oil and Cotman brushes for watercolour, the brushes use natural and synthetic hair designed to give the artist a wide choice and maximum control.

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Winsor & Newton’s Galeria Acrylic was designed for the student market, combining fine pigments with a transparent binder for strong, vibrant colours which stay true. The brand also invented, and still make, fine watercolour paints in pan form, along with the tubes. The traditional Artists’ Watercolour contains fine quality pigments, whilst the Cotman range offers quality at an affordable price. Their Designers Gouache range was a Winsor & Newton innovation in 1935 as a flat, smooth opaque colour for designers and illustrators. Bound with gum arabic for quick drying, it is free of chalk, to give a strongly pigmented matt finish.

Winsor & Newton was first formed in 1832 by a chemist, William Winsor, and the artist Henry Newton to develop and market to fine artists, a range of paints. These offered a regular source of reliable watercolours with a choice of colour and clarity. Alongside they developed their range of brushes. Later they added pigment innovations including Chinese White which can be used in fine detailing as a result of its high viscosity, opacity and durability, not found in many paint mixes of the time. Later they were the first artist suppliers to offer fine art paints in a collapsible tube rather than in bladders. Winsor & Newton led the way whenever there was a new, exciting or better pigment or binder available including their traditional watercolour sets named after John Cotman.

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