Sceptre Gold II Round Brushes series 101


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    Winsor & Newton Sceptre Gold II Round Brushes series 101, 18 sizes

    A short handled brush for fine detail, lines and washes.
    A traditional and popular head shape for all-purpose water colour work. Can be used for broad strokes yet it will also form a sharp point. They possess excellent colour holding capacity, sensitivity, spring and durability.

    A range of high quality brushes made from a mix of sable and synthetic fibres for working with water colour and fluid oil colour and also suitable for use with acrylic, water mixable oil and alkyd fast drying oil colour.

    The blend of pure sable and synthetic fibres provides performance close to sable at an affordable price.

    The blend of hair in Sceptre Gold II gives other added benefits. Sable hair has excellent spring whilst the high quality synthetic filaments ensure that the brushes are soft enough to work the colour but also have a strong snap so they return to their original shape.

    The high proportion of sable in Sceptre Gold II gives the brushes considerably more ability to make larger washes in one stroke than normal synthetic brushes and the hairs are tapered to a fine point, giving the brush control for detailed work.