Winsor & Newton Galeria White Gesso Primer - 1 litre


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    Winsor & Newton Galeria White Gesso Primer, 1 litre

    Primer for preparing surfaces for painting in Acrylics. The Galeria White gesso has been developed for stable surface preparation and may be applied to a clean, porous surface. Plastic surfaces will require abrading or sanding for ‘tooth and mechanical adhesion. Leather will need to be degreased (with methylated spirits/alcohol) and slightly abraded.

    Made from high quality acrylic resin with a good level of pigment strength, gesso primer can be used straight from the pot and has excellent "tooth" for film adhesion. To reduce absorbency and to boost the integrity of the film, a minimum of two coats is required when working with oils. This is a good quality gesso at an affordable price.