Zest-it Brushable Wax Resist - 2 sizes


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    A citrus smelling non-toxic, non-flammable wax resist made from Beeswax and Gum Damar.

    Zest-it Brushable Wax Resist can be used straight from the pot and applied using a brush, printing block or sponge. It can be thinned with Zest-it Wax Solvent to make it fluid enough for use with a dip or ruling pen.

    Use the resist on porous surfaces, such as paper, canvas, fabric, board and wood. It will prevent watercolours, silk paints or dyes from colouring the area that has been masked off by the wax.

    Experiment by building your artwork up in layers. Apply a wash of colour and allow to dry. Mask off areas with Zest-it Brushable Wax Resist and then apply another wash in a different colour. The layers of colour will combine to make new colours while the areas masked off will remain the original colour of the layer on which the resist was applied.

    Do not heat Zest-it Brushable Wax Resist to thin it because the beeswax will give off fumes that are irritating to the eyes and nose. If you need to thin the resist, please use Zest-it Wax Solvent. Take care not to over thin as this will impair the effectiveness of the resist.

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