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    Varnish made from Gum Damar (or Dammar) is the traditional spirit varnish used for protecting the surface of oil paintings. Zest-it Damar Varnish is made by dissolving the Gum Damar in Zest-it Oil Paint Dilutant and Brush Cleaner, and not in turpentine. Once the Gum Damar has dissolved, the solution is carefully filtered to remove any impurities.

    Before applying, ensure that the oil paint has dried thoroughly (this can take up to 12 months depending on the thickness of the paint), and test on a small area of the painting.

    Apply the Damar varnish with a soft brush in a dust free environment. Work quickly with even strokes. The finish will increase in glossiness the more coats you apply. Anthing from three coats will be sufficient to protect the painting. Allow to dry and harden completely before framing. Drying time varies depending on weather conditions and choosing a warm, dry day will help with the process. The varnish dries to a crystal clear, gloss finish.

    Zest-it Damar Picture Varnish is also suitable for varnishing paintings in acrylic and alkyd, as well as paper, card, wood, stone and other surfaces..