Brushes for Oil Painting

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The brushes in this section have been selected for their strong, robust bristles best used with oil colours.

To prolong the life of your brushes, do not allow the oil paint to dry on the bristles. Remove the excess paint with a rag or paper towel by wiping from the ferrule down towards the tip of the bristles. Rinse the brush in either white spirit or a brush cleaner formulated for removing oils and acrylics, ensuring any paint at the ferrule end is properly dispersed – do not leave the brush soaking vertically in the solution as this will distort the bristles and dissolve the glue used within the ferrule. Wash out the solvent-based cleaner with a water-based soap working the lather into the bristles. Rinse thoroughly in cool water until it runs clear and blot the brush on paper towel to remove excess water. Store brushes horizontally or in a jar with the brush heads upright.