Bubble Jet Set 2000 - 450ml


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Bubble Jet Set 2000 fluid makes fabrics suitable for inkjet printing. The fabric is soaked in the solution and when dry is ironed onto the shiny side of freezer paper, giving it support for feeding through an inkjet printer. The ink from the printer cartridge must be allowed to cure for at least 30 minutes and ideally 24 hours. The next stage is to peel away the paper backing and rinse the fabric for 2-3 minutes in a solution of cold water and synthrapol (as an alternative to Bubble Jet Rinse), taking care to keep the fabric flat to prevent further image transfer. Rinsing with synthrapol will help to fix the ink and wash away any surface ink that has not penetrated. Use only on 100% silk and 100% cotton fabrics. 450ml (16 oz) bottle

Please note this product is not suitable for laser printers.