Clay & Plaster & Modelling Tools

Polymer clays, air-dry clays and the magical Art Clay Silver clay – create stunning one of a kind items of jewellery, charming miniatures for your doll’s house or make accessories for the home.

The tool section includes a firing kiln for your Art Clay Silver pieces, which are also easily fired on a gas hob or with a blowtorch, while the texture sheets provide beautiful patterning on the surface. There are are large choice of clay working tools plus a selection of jewellery findings including fireable cubic zirconia and pure silver for use with Art Clay Silver.

Other sections of the website provide the model maker and jewellery maker with alternative materials including the wool fibres which can be felted or shaped with a felting needle, paper pulp which can be used for paper casting, and a selection of foamboard and craft card.

More information... The Drafting, Cutting & Sticking section includes craft knives, scissors, cutting mats and adhesives, and the Paints for Artists & Crafts section offers an extensive choice of paints including Acrylics, Oils, Alcohol Inks and Glass paints.