Modroc & Plaster of Paris

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Modroc is an excellent modelling medium for classroon projects, building model landscapes, moulding shapes, casting and reinforcing surfaces. It comprises of resin based plaster impregnated gauze strips.  Strips of Modroc are wetted in a shallow tray of water and layered over a former shaped from modelling wire mesh, foil or newspaper (cling film should be wrapped around absorbent surfaces to stop the Modroc from sticking) or over an inanimate object such as a manniquin. The plaster dries rock hard and can be sanded and painted once set.

Plaster of Paris moulding powder can be used in a silicone or alginate mould to cast three dimensional objects.  Modelling wire can be be used to reinforce structures and scrim can be soaked in plaster and layered over the surface to add strength.

Please be aware that when plaster is mixed with water it is exothermic in nature and, to prevent burns, should not come into contact with skin. We recommended that sensible care is taken when using this product.

Modroc & Plaster of Paris

Alginate – 550g


Modroc & Plaster of Paris

ModRoc – approx 1kg


Modroc & Plaster of Paris

ModRoc – approx 6.4kg


Modroc & Plaster of Paris

Scrim Sachet – 10m, natural