Art Clay Silver Clays

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Create pure silver and sterling silver from Art Clay Silver Clays

Art Clay Silver Clay has improved; it has a slower dry time and the low firing properties of the original Art Clay Silver 650 Clays. This new formula clay is available in 7g, 10g, 20g and 50g packs as well as in paste and syringe form. When fired the silver clays turn into 99.9% pure silver metal and firing can be achieved using the economical method of stainless steel mesh over a gas hob flame, by using a blow torch on a fibre brick, or in a kiln. The fired silver can be hallmarked ‘.999’ at any UK Assay Office.

Art Clay Silver 950 clay is the choice for professional jewellery makers. Its high strength, surface hardness and purity allows you to create beautiful designs that normal Art Clay Silver cannot accommodate for. It is 60% stronger than regular Art Clay Silver, with a purity after firing of Silver 950. This means that jewellery is eligible to be sent to an assay office, and can be stamped as ‘sterling silver’. Art Clay Silver 950 must only be fired in an electric kiln with temperature control.

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