Acrylic Painting

Here you can order from an extensive choice of acrylic paints, mediums, canvases and tools. The paints are available to buy in individual colours or in mixed starter sets.

Acrylics are very different to oils and watercolours as they have a faster drying time allowing work to be completed relatively quickly. Acrylic paints have excellent adhesion properties and therefore will stick to a variety of substrates such as canvas, wood, paper and even some metals if the surface is first keyed up to allow the paint to stick to it. The paints are very flexible and move with the surface, expanding and contracting while still maintaining their integrity.

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Acrylics can also be watered down and used for watercolour techniques, or they can be used in combination with a number of mediums to create differing effects. There are printing mediums to convert the acrylics to screen printing and block printing inks, shimmering iridescent mediums to make pearlescent colours, additives to create texture, primers and gesso to prepare surfaces for painting, and varnishes to protect the finished work.

In this section you will find a wide choice of acrylic paints and mediums from Daler Rowney including Cryla Artists Acrylic, Graduate Acrylics, Interference Colours and System 3 plus Galeria Acrylics from Winsor & Newton. We have also included a large selection of canvases, canvas board and papers plus many artist brushes designed for use with acrylic paints.

The Selectasine Pigments and Binders (available in the Screen Printing section) can be utilised to make your own acrylic based paints. The pigments are supplied in a liquid state as “pigment in dispersion” (i.e. the pigment is still a solid, though minute, and has not been dissolved into the liquid). You can combine these concentrated pigments with the acrylic binders in different ratios to make screen printing inks, fabric paints and acrylic paints.

Our Blog post Basic Colour Theory may be of interest to artists just starting out.

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