Golden Medium: GAC-800 for Reducing Crazing


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    GAC-800 is an acrylic polymer designed to reduce crazing in puddles, pours, and other thin pourable paint applications. As puddles dry, uneven drying rates within the layers of the pour can result in crazing - shrinkage crevices that run across the surface.

    The addition of GAC 800 to the acrylic colour promotes drying with a smooth, even film. In addition, GAC 800 is also useful for adhesion to chalky surfaces. GAC 800 dries with good gloss and film flexibility, but with a slight “hazy” quality. When mixing GAC 800 with colour, gently stir to avoid foaming. If foaming does occur, place the mixture in an air-tight container and allow to sit for 1-2 days, until the bubbles have enough time to rise to the top and dissipate.

    236ml bottle.