Fabriano Artistico Blocks Satinata HP 300gsm - 5 sizes


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    Fabriano Artistico Blocks Satinata (Hot Pressed) 300gsm - 5 sizes

    Blocks of Fabriano Artistico paper in traditional white shade. The 100% cotton sheets are mould-made, acid free and of archival quality.

    This paper has internal and external sizing which make it very absorbant and suitable for lifting, scraping and other techniques, as well as watercolours, gouache, acrylic, ink, charcoal and drawing.

    Blocks are glued on all four edges to help prevent the paper from warping when wet.

    Choose from 5 sizes:

    5x7in (12.5x18cm) - 25 sheet block
    9x12in (23x30.5cm) - 20 sheet block
    12x18in (30.5x45.5cm) - 20 sheet block
    14x20in (35.5x51cm) 15 sheet block
    18x24in (45.5x61cm) 10 sheet block