Automatic Pen - 1


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    Automatic Pen 1 - the Automatic Pen nib is made of hand-finished non-rust nickle silver and can write and flow in any direction. These calligraphy pens are designed for either right or left hand writers. The unique smooth writing tips of Automatic Pens have been handmade in England for over a 100 years.

    This number 1 nib produces a 1.58mm (1/16") single line and can be used with non-waterproof (water soluble) ink, designers gouache, artists watercolours or poster colours. The paints need water added and thinned to the consistency of milk for the pen to flow.

    Take care when using acrylic coloured inks or permanent waterproof inks as these dry permanently on the pen. If the ink dries, scrape the pen clean by using a craft knife or rub with Wet or Dry abrasive paper in order to remove the dried ink.

    Wash your new pen is warm soapy water to remove the oily protective film. Fill the inside of the pen with with either a brush or dropper or dip the pen into a palette or bottle of ink. Use the pen with the serrated side up.