Fibrecrafts Acid Dye Kit


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    Acid dyes provide a simple system for use with wool, other animal fibres (including fur, feathers, cashmere and angora), nylon and silk. Made into a solution, the acid dyes can be used for silk painting. The dye is heated with water on a stove top, or it can be used in a microwave.

    The Fibrecrafts Acid Dye Kit contains sufficient yellow, red, blue dye and toner (black) to dye up to 3kg fibres, yarns or fabrics, plus instructions to teach you how to explore these dyes and make brightly colour hand-dyed fabrics. The dye kit also includes 200g Glaubers Salt, 4 x 10ml syringes, a 100ml measuring beaker and a stirrer. Vinegar is required required to help set the dye, (acid dye is not acidic, the word acid refers to the vinegar used).