Fibrecrafts Acid Dyes 50g


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    Acid dyes provide a simple system for use with wool, other animal fibres including fur, feathers, cashmere and angora as well as most nylons, and give a brighter colour with silk than fibre reactive dyes. They can also be used for silk painting

    The dyes themselves are not acidic, the word acid merely referring to the vinegar (acetic acid) which is used to help set them.

    The quantity of dye used depends on the depth of colour you want. It is measured in relation to weight of fibre or yarn to be dyed. Using the 1% stock solution, a 2:1 ratio (50cc of 1% dye solution for 25g fibre) will give an average depth of colour. This is just a starting point to experiment from. Deep colours will need much more, while you can get lovely pale colours with far less. Use vinegar or citric acid to set these dyes. 50g dye powder will dye up to 5kg depending on the intensity of colour required. Adding a solution of Glauber's salt will help with the levelling of the dye to attain an even coverage.

    Larger quantities of these dyes are available to order, please contact us for prices.