Fibrecrafts Dischargeable Acid Dyes 50g


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    Dischargeable acid dyes which are easily removed from fabric using discharge paste. The discharge paste can be combined with Illuminating Acid Dyes and makes for a varied and unusual discharge printing technique.

    Dye fabric using the recipe for acid dyes. The quantity of dye used depends on the depth of colour you want. It is measured in relation to weight of fibre or yarn to be dyed. Using the 1% stock solution, a 2:1 ratio (50cc of 1% dye solution for 25g fibre) will give an average depth of colour. This is just a starting point to experiment from. Deep colours will need much more, while you can get lovely pale colours with far less. Adding a solution of Glauber's salt will help with the levelling of the dye to attain an even coverage. Vinegar or citric acid is required to set the dyes.