Jacquard Acid Dyes - 14g


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    Jacquard Acid Dyes are premixed colours for protein fibres such as silk, wool, angora, cashmere, feathers and most nylons. The acid dyes can be applied in a dye bath, sprayed, painted with, or used for printing when combined with a thickener such as Manutex. They are fixed by combining hot water and 1 heaped tablespoon of citric acid to each 500g of dry fibre weight or 4 table spoons of vinegar.

    Each 14g pot of Jacquard Acid dye will dye just under 1kg dry fibre, depending on the intensity of colour require, and instructions are included on the pot. Fibrecrafts Acid dyes are available in larger quantities and in a smaller colour range, although with measured mixing, most colours can be achieved.