H Dupont Deco Reco Decolourant Pure - 250ml


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    Deco Reco Pure Decolourant discharge paste provides an exciting medium for removing colour from silk fabrics painted or dyed using H Dupont dyes. Unlike bleach, the medium does not damage the fabric.

    Deco Reco Pure Decolourant (Decolorant Pur) can be applied with a brush or pipette for removing detailed parts of a painting or for correcting mistakes such as dyes seeping beyond the gutta outline.

    The medium can be thickened with H Dupont Thickener (Epaississant) to help control the flow or to thicken it for printing (20 ml of Deco Reco Pure Decolourant to 80 ml of thickener). It can also be diluted, 20 ml of Deco Reco Pure Decolourant to 80 ml of water, and applied with a spray bottle.

    After applying and allowing to dry, it is necessary to steam-fix the silk and then rinse it to see the results of the marks made with the Deco Reco Pure Decolourant.

    Use to discharge Acid dye colours from dyed fabrics or combine with Illuminating Acid dyes to complete the process in one step. Dupont 2000 colours (but not Mandarine, Bordeaux, Bleuet and Noir Concentré as they do not easily discharge) can be discharged with this method. 90 minutes steam fixing is required