Jacquard Lumiere Halo and Jewels Exciter Kit


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    Thick metallic and pearlescent acrylic colours which do not spread. The high pigmentation provides vibrant colours and excellent coverage. Lumiere paint is suitable for all fibres including leather, wood, paper and knits. They are washable or dry cleanable on fabrics once air dried for 24 hours and heat set by ironing.

    Varnish to seal paint when used on wood etc. The paint remains soft and flexible and will stretch with fabric making it ideal for use in dance and theatrical costume design and sports clothing. Use with Jacquard Colourless Extender or dilute with 25% water for airbrushing or silk painting.

    Use as a practical starter kit or as an introduction to Lumiere paints. Contains 9 metallic and pearlescent Lumiere Paint colours in 14ml bottles. Tips and techniques included