Fibrecrafts Silk Painting Kit


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    The Fibrecrafts Silk Painting Kit

    The smooth texture of finely woven silk fabric provides an ideal canvas for painting and the fluid colours from silk paints are vibrant and reflective. The finished paintings can be used for furnishings, wall hangings or clothing. Stretch your silk fabric onto a frame, load your brush with silk paint, apply the first stroke and the addiction begins!

    The kit contains:

    • 1 each 50ml Javana Silk Paint in Red, Yellow and Blue
    • 20ml Javana Clear Outliner
    • Auto-fade Vanishing Pen
    • Box of 100 silk frame pins
    • 32cm Adjustable Wooden Frame
    • Chinese Goat Hair Brush
    • Six Well Mixing Dish
    • 28 x 28cm Pongee 5mm Silk Scarf
    • 55 x 55cm Pongee 5mm Silk Scarf
    • Detailed Instructions