Derwent Graphik Line Painters


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    Derwent Graphik Line Painters, 20 colours

    Free flowing painting pens with robust fine liner 0.5mm Japan nib. The waterbased ink is available in 20 strong colours, giving excellent opaque coverage even on dark backgrounds and is permanent once dry. The colours can be blended whilst still wet and a number of effects can be achieved from the free flowing ink. The fluid ink can be blown on to create a spray directly from the nib, or larger droplets can be achieved by flicking the pen onto the surface, the Derwent water brush can be used to create blends and washes once colours have been applied. Once dry, the ink is permanent and other layers of colour can be applied.

    Suitable for use on a number of surfaces including cartridge paper, tracing paper, watercolour paper, cardboard, leather, cotton & silk (must be heat set on reverse to allow hand washing), plastics and film (see the useful Derwent Testing Lab pdf for further information on coverage and adhesion for specific materials).

    Please note that the nib can become blocked if the ink is allowed to dry. Replace the air-tight lid immediately after use and store the pen in a horizontal position. If the ink does dry in the nib, pulling the nib out of the pen and placing it in a jar of water may help to dissolve the dried ink. Dry with a paper towel before replacing the nib.