Selectasine Binders

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Professionally formulated binders for use in screen printing techniques and for painting on fabric, paper and board. Use these binders in combination with the Selectasine Coloured Pigments to produce an extensive range of screen printing inks. There are 7 binders, each fulfilling a specific function. They can be intermixed, have a soft finish and outstanding wash fastness when fixed with heat.

The screen printing inks can also be used for block printing or thinned with water and used for painting or spraying (the fixing/fastening properties are diminished when water is added making decorated fabric less wash fast, we recommend testing on fabrics that will require cleaning).

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Reliable Education Supplies The special effects,and opportunities for experimentation have made these screen printing binders very popular with schools, colleges and the performing arts. George Weil keep a large quantity of the Sectasine Pigments and Binders in stock at all times and delivery is within 1-3 working days.

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