Selectasine Expanding Puff Binder - 3 sizes


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    Produce multicoloured 3d prints by combining this binder with Selectasine pigments in dispersion or use it by itself to add a white textured finish on fabric. The solution can be block or screen printed and the optimum effect is achieved when once dry, heat is applied after it has dried, to simultaneously raise and fix the 3d print. This puff binder has a puffy foam finish. Add 1-2 parts Selectasine pigment to 20 parts binder to colour.

    Allow the puff binder to dry fully. Activate the "puff" by applying heat (up to 150°C), on the reverse, for 2.5 minutes.

    Due to some of the Selectasine products being sensitive to frost, we advise storage under suitable conditions and at temperatures above 5°C