Felting Needles, 25 gauge - pack of 10


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    Use felting needles to make needle felted 3 dimensional objects with wool and other fibres. These 25 gauge felting needles are designed for general felting and shaping with British wools.

    A felting needle is very sharp, with tiny notches cut near the tip of the shaft. They are cut at an upward angle, so that fibres catch in the notches, and carry into the mass. When the needle is retracted, the fibres stay in place. With each stab of the needle, the fibres become more and more entangled and compressed. Find out more about needle felting.

    You can also use a felting needle to attach fibres to the surface of felt, knits and woven fabric, or to repair weak felt. They can be used on dry and wet fibres during felt making. The needles are 9cm long and sold in packs of 10.

    The felting needle holder (which is available separately) can hold between 1 and 4 needles and will provide greater control, and we recommend using a needle felting protection pad to help prevent injury and to protect surfaces.

    The features of Santa's face have been worked using a felting needle which was also used to attach the wool fibres used for his beard