Merino Wool Tops 100g - Jelly Bean Mix


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A mouth watering selection of Jelly Bean and sweetie colours designed to inspire the sweet toothed feltmaker! Use these delicious colours to make colourful marbled felt balls, beads or felt wrapped soap. The wool fibres can be needle felted or wet felted to make an effective wall hanging or 3-dimensional object. This wool tops multi-pack includes 10g each White Lightening, Candy Floss, Fuchsia, Purple, Orange, Chartreuse, Scarlet, Turquoise, Aqua and Yellow. Each of the colours are also available from this website in quantities of 50g and 100g.

We include here a tutorial on how to felt balls and links below to our felt making pages in the Blog, and related felt making products.

Making Felt Balls or Beads

  1. Cup the fibre ball in your hands (one hand on top and the other below) and briefly submerge into the soapy water.
  2. Begin to rotate the ball loosely between your cupped palms and the ball of fibre will begin to shrink and tighten in the soap suds. If you work the fibres together too quickly, cracks may appear in the surface of the bead.
  3. To repair irregularities, pull out a few wisps from the wool top and wrap them around the outside. Submerge in the soapy water, lift out, and begin rotating the bead between your palms until the new layer has felted over the original bead.
  4. When you are happy with the shape and size of the bead, rinse it in hot water and roll it for about 30 seconds onto a dish cloth or bamboo felting mat. This will help to compact the ball and harden the surface.
  5. Leave the felt beads to dry out before threading with a needle and stringing them together.