Merino Wool Tops 100g - Ocean Mix


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    Create a stunning felted seascape with this selection of ocean colours, or use these blues, turquoises and greys to make colourful marbled felt balls, beads or felt wrapped soap. The wool fibres can be needle felted or wet felted to make an effective wall hanging or 3-dimensional object. This wool tops multi-pack includes 10g each White Lightening, Sky, Baby Blue, Aqua, Turquoise, Light Teal, Navy, Royal Blue, Pewter and Silver. Each of the colours are also available from this website in quantities of 50g and 100g.

    We include here a tutorial on how to wet felt and links below to some of our felt making pages in the Blog, and related felt making products.

    Wet Felting a Design

    1. To wet felt a design, begin with a piece of prefelt fabric placed on a sheet of bubble wrap or nylon mesh netting. If you wish, sketch out a rough design with a permanent marker.
    2. Pull out small amounts from the wool top and then layer to build up the image. To give your felt greater integrity, ensure that some of the fibres running perpendicular to the previous layer.
    3. Fill a spray bottle with hot tap water and add a small amount of washing up liquid. Spray the fibres (without over wetting them) to dampen them down as you progress.
    4. You can add wool yarns, strands of silk fibre, wool nepps and other small textile items into the layers of wool tops to create texture or detail.
    5. Spray the final layer and ensure the work is dampened through to the prefelt.
    6. Cover the work with a second sheet of bubble wrap or netting and begin felting.
    7. Working from the centre, gently rub the fibres beneath the bubble wrap/mesh.
    8. When the fibres have begun to settle down and felt, increase your pressure and speed. The felt will begin to shrink as the fibres lock together.
    9. Lift the bubble wrap/mesh to check your progress. Continue until all the fibres have attached and felted together.
    10. The next stage is to tightly roll up the bubble wrap/mesh sandwich and secure with elastic bands. Place on a towel and roll it backwards and forwards with the palms of your hands to create friction. This will help to harden the felt and permanently lock the fibres together. Continue for 5-10 minutes.
    11. Unwrap the roll, turn the felted fabric 90º and wrap up again. Continue as above.
    12. Remove the felt from the roll and rinse thoroughly in warm water, and hang out to dry!
    13. If you wish, you can squeeze out the excess water and iron the felt between two t-towels to remove creases.