Jacquard Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments - 14g


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    Now including the new Chromatic Colours

    Includes colours 630 through to 689. Jacquard Pearl Ex mica powders create a metallic look without being metal and they won't fade or tarnish. These fine powders may be incorporated into any viscous medium such as varnish, glue or acrylic paint to produce a very high lustre and iridescence or they can be applied dry and then sealed or dusted on top of a tacky surface, such as unbaked polymer clay. The particle size is so small (6 to 50 microns) that the powder can be used in silk screen printing.

    Also Pearl Ex can be combined with Jacquard Colourless Extender, Gum Arabic or Ormoline Metallic Paint Medium to create liquid metal to paint on most surfaces or, as the powder has a high heat resistance, it can be brushed onto the tacky surface of polymer clay and then baked.

    Download PDF to find out more about how to use Jacquard Pearl Ex