Jacquard Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments 3g


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    Pearl Ex mica powders are temperature resistant to 600°C and can be applied to polymer clay prior to baking and give superb pearl, iridescent and metallic effects. These pearlescent powders can be combined with a binder to create 'liquid metal', and they can be brushed onto tacky surfaces such as wax and damp paint or varnish.

    Mica powders are non-tarnishing and colourfast and finer textured than metallic powders and are particularly good on black or dark materials.

    These pearlescent colours from Jacquard are difficult to show in print and these are the closest approximations we can manage, try using Pearl white on white clay for wonderful pearls and on black clay for a beautiful bright silver. The duo colours show the first colour on light clay, the second colour on dark clay and can be used for interesting effects. The interference colours behave like oil on water and give a strong effect on dark clay ranging to pastel on white clay.

    Download PDF to find out more about how to use Jacquard Pearl Ex