Jewellery Making

Everything you need for creating beautifully unique and precious Art Clay Silver jewellery or fun and funky Polymer Clay Jewellery – your skills and imagination will define the finished product! This extensive choice of tools and findings will take you from inception through to your completed design.

The precious metal clay from Art Clay Silver is formulated from binders and pure silver. The clay can be moulded and shaped and then fired using either a domestic gas ring, a gas torch or a kiln. When the clay is fired, the binders burn away to leave 99.99% pure silver. You can order the silver clay in a choice of packet weights (7g, 10g, 20g and 50g) or in a more fluid form as a paste or in a syringe.

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The cubic zirconia gem stones are suitable for kiln firing and will not change colour when subjected to the heat of the kiln. This makes them ideal for use in jewellery made from silver clay. The precious pure gold leaf and gold paste can also be used to add special luxurious touches to Art Clay Silver clay projects, and the selection of pure silver (fine silver) findings can be embedded in the clay and fired at the same time. These pure silver findings contain the same amount of silver (99.99%) as the silver clays maintaining the value of the finished item. Sterling silver findings, such as chains, can be used for the final piece but sterling silver items embedded in the clay will tarnish when fired.

The polymer clays offer a versatile modelling medium. The clays have an extremely smooth finish and allow detailed modelling. The colours can be blended to create new shades and subtle fades from one colour to another can be achieved by careful rolling, folding and rolling until the colours merge seamlessly. In addition to the plain colours there are effects polymer clays, such as translucent, which when combined with the coloured clays can be used to create faux stones such as marble and jade or surfaces like wood and leather. The main attraction of polymer clay is that it does not dry out and remains malleable until it is heat hardened. The low temperature heating of the clay in a domestic oven makes the clay hard and durable. The polymer clays are available to buy in small blocks so that you can order a number of colours for blending and larger blocks for bigger pieces.

Other materials which will appeal to the jewellery designer can be found throughout the website and these include fibres for making into felted beads, textured handmade papers which can be rolled and glued to make tubes, silk yarns for creating luxurious braids, oil based and acrylic based paints for adding colour, plus glass paints and resins for adding gloss and lense effects.

Polymer clays not featured in this Jewellery Making section can be found in the Crafts menu under Model Making. The Super Sculpey, which is popular with sculptors and modellers, can be ordered in 454g blocks and a huge 3.6kg block for classrooms and large scale projects. The polymer clays designed for doll makers include Cernit, Fimo Professional Doll Art and Scupey Living Doll.

Whilst George Weil does not undertake any training in the use of Art Clay Silver clay products, we recommend Joy Funnell as a trainer with an Advanced Certificate in Art Clay Silver clay. Visit Joy’s website to find out more about her workshops or learn more about working with silver clay from the posts in our Blog.

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