Tools for Firing Silver Clay

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The most cost effective method of firing your Art Clay Silver clay creations is using the flame from a gas stove. Whether it be your cooker top or a camping stove, it is a great way for you to sample the clays before investing in more expensive equipment. The dried silver clay is placed on a stainless steel mesh placed on the stove top.

Most of the Art Clay Silver clays can be fired on a fibre brick using a blowtorch. The flame can be directed fully at the dried silver clay, allowing for fast and accurate firing.

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Firing Silver clay in a kiln offers the most versatility and allows multiple pieces to be fired. An ideal kiln for silver clay jewellery and other small items, the Prometheus Kiln can be used for firing the metal Art Clays and small ceramics; glass fusing, enamelling, bead making and moulding; annealing and hardening of metals. The cork clay can be used as a core to create hollow pieces of jewellery made with Art Clay Silver. The clay burns away during firing in the kiln to leave a void in the fired silver.

For further information about firing Art Clay Silver clay, please visit our Blog FAQs pages.

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