Knitting & Crochet

Handmade knitting needles and crochet hooks crafted from hard wood including maple and ebony, plus a huge range of wool yarns, silk yarns and experimental yarns for the keen knitter and crocheter.

In this section you can order wool knitting yarns which include the Ashford Tekapo Double Knit semi-worsted yarns spun from super soft New Zealand woo. These knitting yarns are available in a large choice of dyed and natural colours plus variegated yarns in five colour ways. There are also the West Yorkshire Spinners yarns which include the plain dyed Aran Wool yarns spun from Bluefaced Leicester wool plus three undyed natural shades and the printed pattern ‘Country Birds Collection’ yarns in five colour ways. The natural coloured DK thickness yarns include three shades of Bluefaced Leicester wool and a natural black Jacob wool.

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Many of the yarns offered in this section are natural white coloured so that they can be dyed using either Acid dyes or natural dyes. If you would like to know more about dyeing your own yarn, please visit our Blog which includes a large number of posts on the types of dyes available and techniques on how to apply them.

Our Book Shop includes a large selection of knitting and crochet books which include instructions for different stitches and techniques, and patterns for making knitwear, blankets, accessories and other knitted or crocheted items.

The extensive selection of knitting books and crochet books ensures there is a book for all skill levels, and buying a book to learn about the craft is often the best option. Amongst the books you will find traditional and contemporary knitting patterns, instructions and tips for finishing off knitted and crochet garments, and stitch glossaries. A number of the titles will take the knitter on a journey of exploration to learn about felted knits, dyeing and spinning their own yarn, and designing their own knitwear. Visit the Book Shop to view books about knitting.

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