Model Making

Many materials can be used to create models. Here we feature a large choice of modelling mediums including air-dry clays, modroc and plaster of paris, oven hardened polymer clays, the precious Art Clay Silver clay, plus materials for paper casting. There are a choice of Newplast clays which are favoured by animators because they do not dry out. You will also find a large choice of model making tools, resins, armatures and adhesives.

DAS and Newclay air-dry clays are offered alongside the rock hard drying modelling medium Modroc, plus Milliput epoxy putty which can be used to restore masonry, metal, wood, glass and ceramics.

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You can also order polymer clays from this section. The versatile Fimo polymer clay and Sculpey polymer clays offer a colourful modelling medium which has a very smooth finish and remains malleable until heat hardened in a domestic oven. Newplast, which is similar to plasticine, provides the model maker and animator with a non-drying, re-usable modelling material which is firm enough to retain its shape indefinitely.

In addition, the range of Art Clay Silver clays can be used to model pure silver items, such as picture frames, for the doll house and other miniatures, while the choice of resins set rock hard to create faux gemstones or solid water effects. To save money and to make objects lighter, cork clay can be used as a core for this precious metal clay and will burn away when the silver clay is fired.

A further modelling material is paper pulp. It can be used for casting shapes and to create moulded items, and the archival quality CMC (Methyl Cellulose) can be made into a paste for papier mache modelling.

Not featured here are the wool and other fibres found in the Felt Making section of the website. Fibre can be shaped into objects using a felting needle and wire armatures can be captured in the felted fabric to create ‘skeletons’ for dolls or creatures.

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