Artist Quality Pigments

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Premium quality, fine ground Cornelissen artist pigments. Combine with different mediums such as linseed oil or gum arabic to create your own range of paints or pastels.

To make the desired consistency of paint, each of the pigments require a different ratio to oil/gum arabic due to their absorption properties. It is advisable to avoid fast-drying colours in high oil content such as Umbers, Siennas and Cobalt Blues in underpainting unless they are applied thinly or in tints reduced with white.

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Toxicity Ratings: The Classifications used are based on those intended for guidance of artists’ colour manufacturers where large quantities might be involved. The risk for an artist using small amounts of colour is therefore comparatively small. Dust masks, however, should be worn:

Code: A – Non-hazardous. B – Relatively harmless. C – Very low toxic hazard – some precaution necessary. D – Defined physiological hazard – appropriate precautions necessary.

Need further information? See the Material Safety Data sheets for these pigments

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