Paper Crafts

The equipment, materials and additives for making handmade paper from either recycled paper or from pulps and fibres are included here. Order from this section to buy the paper makers tools which include mould and deckle frames with tensioned nylon mesh, the couching cloths for absorbing excess moisture and to keep the paper flat while it dries, and indicator paper to perform litmus tests for pH levels in the water and to alert the papermaker of excess acidity.

There are also a choice of paper making materials including cotton linters and plant fibres, and essential additives and fillers to enhance the surface of the finished paper as well as ensuring the archival quality of the finished sheet. The range of pigments include 5 powder colours and the choice of Selectasine pigments in dispersion in 25 colours. These pigments can be used to tint the pulp for making coloured sheets of paper. These materials will appeal to papermakers and sculptors alike.

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In addition to the range of handmade papers (which include Lokta papers, Mulberry tissues, and the wet strength Tissutex paper) card makers, scrapbook enthusiasts and artists can also order craft knives, cutting mats, glues and other items specifically for working with paper and board.

George Weil & Sons Ltd stock a huge range of craft and artist papers. There are beautiful and unique sheets of handmade papers, mould made cotton papers with smooth hot pressed, cold pressed (NOT), and rough surfaces in different weights and designed for watercolour paints, and the special Mi-Teintes paper and chain and laid line Canson Ingres paper for work with charcoal and pastels. For crafts and card makers, the 150gsm Canford paper is available in 37 colours in A4 and A1 sheets and the same options are available for the 300gsm Canford card.

Amongst the many artist papers available for drawing, sketching and painting, are the specialist calligraphy papers which include Pergamenata and Italic Parchment, and the range of supplementary papers such as tracing paper, blotting paper, glassine and cellophane.

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